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High precision rock removal with D30 Rockwheel

Posted by Chip Kogelmann

Aug 9, 2016 7:10:33 PM

The Rockwheel D30 is getting some great press from down under.  Extremely precise rock grinding with minimum disturbance to the adjacent material.  The same applies to tunneling work and concrete removal on sensitve structures. Alpine stocks the full line of Rockwheels for excavators in every size class.  Rental rock grinders are always available as well so you can try them on your equipment at your jobsite.  The Rockwheel will prove its worth!Australia.jpg

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Refurbished ABM 330 roadheader send off

Posted by Chip Kogelmann

Nov 12, 2013 4:45:00 PM

Today we shipped our 2nd roadheader in less than 2 weeks so things have been humming down at Alpine. Today we rolled out a top-to-bottom refurbished ABM330-I roadheader.


The ABM 330 loading today

This machine features a 215-hp electric cutter motor and a 215-hp electric motor that drives four hydraulic pumps. With new electrical panel, new crawler drives, new valves, new hoses, new chain, all new hydraulic motors throughout, new cooling system, and totally rebuilt cylinders this baby has a long working life ahead of her. The ABM330-I roadheader weighs in at a svelt 100,000-lbs is is over 42-ft in length. It can cut up to 14-ft high and over 20-ft wide so it can cut an impressive cross section. The cutter head is the axial in-line style with a stout gearbox. While we can't divulge customer details, I can say that this machine will be working in the western USA in an innovative operation to drill for oil from the bottom up rather than from the top down! The machine will be disassembled and lowered several hundred feet down a shaft. There it will be reassembled and put to work. The boys busted ass on this one and deserve a break. A big shout out to the shop crew at Alpine and the various vendors who helped get the job done!



Ryan, Jeremy, Gene, Dave and Chip.


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Refurbished AM50 Roadheader rolls out

Posted by Chip Kogelmann

Nov 6, 2013 12:14:34 PM

Today we loaded up another refurbished AM50 roadheader, on its way to deployment
in a Canadian Potash mine. 


The AM50 is a work horse roadheader. A stout yet compact 25-ton machine with 150-hp cutter motor, it is ideal for medium hardness rock and is especially well suited to cutting potash.

Originally manufactured by Voest-Alpine of Austria (now Sandvik) there are many hundreds of these roadheaders in operation around the world. Alpine specializes in refurbishing used roadheaders of all make and models. For this machine a new electrical panel and controls were added, the old-style gathering arms were replaced with star wheels, and the conveyor chain was up graded to a single strand chain.


Additionally, the cutting drums were relaced, all electric motors serviced to new condition, gearboxes were rebuilt and sealed, and a new closed loop cooling system was installed. Quality used roadheaders offer an economical alternative to high priced new machines. 


Thanks for reading! Chip 

Interested in a refurbished roadheader? Click here to get more info on Alpine roadheaders


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