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Trimming Caisson Walls with Alpine Rockwheel Concrete Grinding Attachments

Posted by Chip Kogelmann

Jul 11, 2014 12:57:00 PM

CIMG0948Caisson walls are composed of vertically drilled, intersecting reinforced concrete piles constructed for ground support during excavation and construction activities, especially in urban areas where work is being done close to existing structures. 

The resulting vertical face is a series of rounded humps which often must be ground smooth for the next phase of the job.  

Alpine’s hydraulic rotary concrete grinding attachment (RockWheel series) is an ideal tool for rapid and precise concrete trimming. 

The continuous milling action of the carbide tipped cutting drums leaves a smooth surface and cuts with minimal vibrations so the remaining concrete is not damaged.


Optional depth control guides allow for milling the concrete to a set depth which removes variability in the finished product.  


Additionally, a water spray system can be added to minimize dust and cool the cutting teeth which extends longevity.  Available in a range of sizes to suit any excavator (or skid steers and backhoes) there is an Alpine RockWheel suitable for your job. 

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